Relaxing Music For Your Venue or Store - Annual License

Relaxing Music For Your Venue or Store - Annual License

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Our annual license

Our relaxing music is not registered with any Performance Rights Organization (PRO). Instead of paying royalties to PROs, we offer a simple annual license for playing our music as much as you'd like in your commercial venue or store. 

With this license, almost all of the music* on Soothing Relaxation can be played at your location as much as you'd like, without additional royalties, for the duration of one year. The license period starts from the date you purchase this license.

 * Tracks that include featured artists are not included in this deal. This currently only applies to two videos on our YouTube channel. You can see the list here.

What you get

By purchasing this license, you get:

  • A free download of Every Relaxing Album
  • A personalized license proving that you have authorization to play our music in a commercial venue or store for one year

Where can the music be played

Examples of locations where the music can be played include: 

  • Spa 
  • Massage studio
  • Coffee shop
  • Store
  • Hotel 
  • Reception
  • Yoga studio 
  • Art gallery
  • Attraction
  • Park
  • Museum
  • Waiting room
  • Restaurant
  • Doctor's office
  • Therapist's office
  • Commercial classes or courses (in classroom, not digital)

How to play the music

Our music can either be streamed from our online audio players or played offline. Upon purchase of this license a download of Every Relaxing Album is included. If you want to play the music from our website, please have a look at our radio stations.

Questions and answers

How is the surface area calculated? 

The surface area is the area in square meters where the music is actually being played. For instance, if a hotel wants to play our music in the reception area, the surface area is simply the area of the reception. 

Are multiple venues or stores allowed? 

This license is for one venue or store only (one address). If a chain of venues or stores wants to play our music (multiple addresses), a license is needed for each location. You can easily add multiple licenses to your order, just remember to change the surface area if it's not the same for all the locations.

Can the videos from your channel also be publicly displayed with this license? 

Please note that this license only applies to the music on Soothing Relaxation - not the videos. You are not allowed to publicly display our videos with this license. 

I have a question. Where can I contact you? 

All questions are welcome and we are looking forward to helping you. Please contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.