FAQ - General Questions

The answers given here apply to all the different licenses available. 

Do I have to give you credits for using your music in my project?

Yes, providing credits is mandatory when using our music. Both the composer, Peder B. Helland, and Soothing Relaxation AS need to be mentioned in the credits.

The credits can for instance be written like this: "Music title; Written by Peder B. Helland; Licensed by Soothing Relaxation AS."

A link to soothingrelaxation.com in the credits is appreciated, but it's not mandatory.

Is your music registered in the Content ID system on YouTube?

To protect our work and our customers from fraudulent actors, our music is registered in the Content ID system. This means that an automatic copyright claim may be placed on your video on YouTube. If you receive such a claim, please send us the link along with some proof of purchase (your email address, license confirmation or transaction number) and we will promptly remove the copyright claim from your video.

Where can I read the full license agreements?

You can read the full license agreements in the tabs below or by visiting this page.