FAQ - Social Media

The answers given here apply to the "Social Media" license. Make sure you read and understand the answers given below before you make your purchase.

How can I use the music with this license?  

With this license, you can use the licensed music in one video that you share on social media. Some of the most popular social platforms include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitch. Your video can be monetized on these platforms as long as you abide by the license terms.

See the other questions to learn more about what kind of videos are allowed and not.

How am I allowed to use the music in my video?

There are some restrictions you need to follow if you purchase this license.

These types of videos are not allowed to make with this license:

  1. Videos where the main focus is on the music. For instance, you cannot make videos similar to the videos on Soothing Relaxation's channel (the main focus of these videos are to relax with the music). In general, your viewers should watch your videos because of your original content, not the music.
  2. Pornographic or sexual videos.  
  3. Videos with excessive and/or graphical violence. 
  4. Videos that are hateful or derogatory towards any nationality, race, religion, political belief or sexual orientation.
  5. Videos that don't abide by YouTube's community guidelines.

Furthermore, the title of the video cannot include any of the following terms or phrases:

    1. The title of the licensed music
    2. The composer's name (Peder B. Helland)
    3. Our company name or trademarks (Soothing Relaxation)
    4. Any description of the music (e.g. "relaxing music", "piano music", "music for relaxation" etc.)
      1. If you want to add terms like this to your video title, it's highly likely that your video falls in category 1) above (and is therefore not allowed).

Is paid social media boosting allowed with this license?

Yes, we place no restrictions on our license concerning paid social media boosting.

Can I buy this license for a guided meditation?

If you only intend to publish your guided meditation as a video on social media platforms, you can do this with our social media license. However, you should consider the "Guided Meditation" license for ultimate flexibility - with that license you can sell, offer downloads and license the guided meditation to third parties (+ more).