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Soothing Relaxation

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Soothing Relaxation is a company run and owned by Norwegian composer Peder B. Helland.

My vision is to make the world a better place, in my small but hopefully meaningful way, with beautiful and relaxing music. Music can have such a profound effect on people and it’s my goal to produce music that can carry meaning for the listener.  

I am very grateful that I have found a big community on YouTube that enjoys my music. It makes me so happy to be able to compose music for a living and I feel very inspired to make a lot more music in the coming years!

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Flexible license

Licensing can be complicated and we understand the importance of a clear and flexible license agreement. We want you to succeed, reach a huge audience and earn revenue for your hard work.

That’s why our license imposes very few restrictions on your final product – pay the license fee and your guided meditation is set to go, for life.

It doesn’t matter how many times your guided meditation is streamed, downloaded, purchased or broadcast – you never have to pay us anything.


It's time for some questions and answers! If you don't find the information you're seeking, me and my family are more than happy to assist further via email.


What is your definition of a "guided meditation"?

In our standard license for guided meditations, we have defined a guided meditation to be "an audio recording designed for meditation, self-help or relaxation, with an added spoken voice-over".

Can the guided meditation contain parts without any voice-over (only music)?

The guided meditation can contain parts without any voice-over, as long as the there is a voice-over for at least 1/2 of the total duration. For example: a 30 minutes long guided meditation can contain a total of 15 minutes without a voice-over.

Are subliminal recordings allowed?

No, subliminal recordings are not allowed.

As written in the contract: The spoken voice-over in the Final Product must be easily audible for the average human ear, meaning that 'subliminal recordings' or similar are not allowed.

In what ways am I allowed to modify the music for my guided meditation?

You are allowed to:

- trim and loop the music
- add fading effects to the music
- add binaural beats or isochronic tones
- add nature sounds

You are not allowed to:

- sing over the music
- add musical instrumentals or synths

Do I have to give you credits for the music in my project?

Yes, providing credits is mandatory when using our music. Both the composer, Peder B. Helland, and Soothing Relaxation AS need to be mentioned in the credits.

The credits can for instance be written like this: "Music title; Written by Peder B. Helland; Licensed by Soothing Relaxation AS."

A link to in the credits is appreciated, but it's not mandatory.

Can I use the music in multiple guided meditations?

No, this license applies only to a single guided meditation. If you want to make another guided meditation with the same music, you have to purchase a new license.

Is the music registered with a PRO (Performance Rights Organisation)?

No, none of the music available for this license is registered with a PRO.

Can I release the guided meditation as a video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram etc.?

Yes, you can freely synchronize your guided meditation with a video and release it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram etc. You can monetize these videos as you please.

Is your music registered in the Content ID system on YouTube?

To protect our work and our customers from fraudulent actors, our music is registered in the Content ID system. This means that an automatic copyright claim may be placed on your video on YouTube. If you receive such a claim, please send us the link along with some proof of purchase (your email address, license confirmation or transaction number) and we will promptly remove the copyright claim from your video.


Can I sell the guided meditation digitally? What about CDs?

Yes, you can freely sell the guided meditation both digitally and as physical CDs if you'd like.

Can I license the guided meditation to a third party?

Yes, you can license the guided meditation to a third party as long as the third party adheres to the terms in our license agreement. It's your responsibility to make sure that the third party is aware of and follows the terms. For example: if you license the guided meditation to a meditation app, the app still needs to credit us for the music.