Licensing of Relaxing Music for Meditation Apps

People love relaxation and meditation apps. One of the most important aspects of apps like this, is the music. Where can you find information about licensing of relaxing music for meditation apps? Where can you find high-quality music that can be easily licensed? 

Choosing the music

There are many websites that can license relaxing music for meditation apps. However, in many cases it might be difficult to find multiple tracks that go well together if you license single tracks from different composers. Every composer has their own style. While making a meditation app, you should however take special care ensuring that the music tracks go well together in order to provide an optimal experience for the listener. This is especially true if you plan to include playlists for your users to listen to. 

Soothing Relaxation

Soothing Relaxation is a company started by Peder B. Helland and all of our music has been composed by him. His music has been listened to more than 1 billion times on our YouTube channel and millions of people regularly listen to our music in order to sleep, meditate, work or relax. 

We offer several albums that can be easily licensed for your meditation app for one year. If you want to listen to the albums we offer for easy licensing, please visit our licensing page

License Relaxing Piano Music for Meditation Apps

If you are looking for relaxing piano music for your project, the album Bright Future might be a good fit for you.

License Relaxing Instrumental Music for Meditation Apps

If you are looking for relaxing instrumental music for your project, the album Dance of Life might be a good fit for you.