Halloween Music.

Explore royalty-free Halloween music composed by Peder B. Helland. This spooky, instrumental music is perfect to set an eerie and creepy atmosphere in your creative project.

Ominous Wind

We have a big selection of royalty-free Halloween music available for easy licensing in our store. Listen to one of our most popular tracks, Ominous Wind, in this video.

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Need scary music for an indie game? No worries, we've got you covered. Background music for your YouTube video? Purchase our Social Media license and you are good to go. Making a short film? Ask no more, we have a license for that as well.

Lullaby of Sorrow

Maybe your project demands a beautiful and eerie melody? One suggestion is our beautiful track Lullaby of Sorrow.

This track works perfectly as a title theme or continuous soundtrack that goes in the background for a level in an indie game.


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The tracks mentioned above are just examples from our collection. We invite you to check out our whole portefolio by clicking on the button below. We have a lot of royalty-free Halloween music so it might be difficult to choose the right track for your project.

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