Beautiful Piano Music, Vol. 3

Volume 3 is here

I am happy to share that "Beautiful Piano Music, Vol. 3" is now available for streaming on YouTube. The "Beautiful Piano Music"-series is a project I started in early 2018 and is a way to listen to my piano music without any repetitions.

With these videos I always try to make the experience as beautiful as possible and the artwork is extremely important. I personally love the work of Tithi Luadthong and I have used the same artist for all the volumes, including volume 3.

In this third volume, the tracklist is as follows:

0:00 - You & Me

7:14 - My Love

15:19 - Forever

24:07 - Yellow Flower

31:06 - Evening Waves

40:34 - Rainy Day

My favorite track in this playlist is You & Me. What is your favorite track?

Volume 1

I personally think that volume 1 is the best volume yet. The tracklist is as follows:

00:00 - Always

06:40 - Our Journey

13:25 - Our Future

21:48 - Rose Petals

28:43 - Winter Breeze

35:44 - Together

41:49 - A Long Time Ago

48:35 - Bedtime Lullaby

As you will start to notice, I usually put my favorite tracks at the beginning of each playlist. My favorite track in this playlist is thus "Always". What about you?

Volume 2

The second volume of "Beautiful Piano Music" is my least favorite, but I still think it has some good tracks. The tracklist is:

0:00 - Beautiful Day

09:44 - A New Day

17:20 - Bright Future

25:03 - Going Home

30:45 - I Will Remember

35:51 - Golden Light

41:55 - Tree On The Hill

51:02 - Sunset Melody

My favorite track from this playlist is of course "Beautiful Day". I personally like the idea of "Going Home" but in hindsight I think it could have been improved. In general, that's the way it constantly is for me - I never seem to be perfectly happy with a track. It's always something I start to think about later on that I could improve or change. If you make creative work yourself, you probably know the feeling as well?

Listen to a bit of each playlist and let me know what your favorite installment is in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

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