Copyright claims on YouTube


Our music is protected by the Content ID system on YouTube, meaning that you will most likely receive a claim when you use our music in a video (even if you have purchased a license). 

Clearing claims

If you have received a claim on your video and you have purchased a license from us, please click on "Submit video" below and fill in the requested information. 

We will then look at the video and send a request to get the claim removed, provided you have followed the terms of the license agreement for your video. 


I have used your music in my video without a license and I have received a claim. What should I do?

Please note that copyright claims from using our music on YouTube don't normally hurt your channel in a negative way as long as you don't dispute the claim.

The claims are placed automatically by YouTube's system. The result of getting such a claim is that ads will be placed on your video and you won't be able to earn any revenue from the video, but your video will still be viewable for all audiences.

For commercial use of our music, please have a look at our licenses

Can you remove your copyright claim from my video?

We cannot remove any copyright claim from your video unless you have purchased a license to use the music in our webstore.

If you want to monetize your video and your video is not a music video or video wherein the music is the main focus, please consider purchasing a license in the webstore.

I purchased your music on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Google Play or a similar service. Can you remove the claim from my video?

Thank you for your purchase! However, please note that music purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp and similar services are meant for personal listening only and does not include a license to use the music commercially.

Do you have any music that can be used for free in commercial projects? 

Yes, we do have a free track called "Blue" that can be used for free in guided meditations. You can learn more about that track here: Blue - Free Music for Guided Meditations