Every Relaxing Album - Special Deal

Every Relaxing Album - Special Deal

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Every Relaxing Album - Special Deal is the best and cheapest way to purchase the albums "Dance of Life", "Bright Future", "Purple Flowers", "Flying" and "Beautiful Relaxing Music, Vol. 1"  together. All the music is composed by Peder B. Helland. The total price if you purchase these albums separately is around $45. 

All the albums are delivered in both MP3 and WAV format after purchase. You can choose what format you'd like to download for each album (you don't have to download both formats if you don't want to). WAV gives you highest quality of the music, but the file sizes are much smaller if you decide to download the MP3 versions. 


"Bright Future"

"Bright Future" is a solo piano album. This music is perfect in the background while you are working, relaxing, sleeping or reading. The track list can be seen below. 

Track Length YouTube
1. Always 06:43 ★89
2. Our Journey 06:50 ★122
3. Together 06:07 ★128
4. Our Future 08:25 ★92
5. Rose Petals 06:58 ★132
6. A New Day 07:37 ★97
7. Bedtime Lullaby 10:05 ★98
8. A Long Time Ago 06:50 ★99
9. I Will Remember 05:10 ★95
10. Bright Future 07:44 ★96


"Dance of Life"

 "Dance of Life" is an album featuring music with many different instruments, including piano, cello, violin, flute, choirs and more. The track list can be seen below. 

Track Length YouTube
1. Dance of Life 05:27 ★91
2. Flying 30:02 ★68
3. Forest Whisper 06:40 ★86
4. Feelings 07:58 ★73
5. Always 06:43 ★89
6. Our Future 08:28 ★101
7. Japanese Garden 06:26 ★106
8. A New Day 07:37 ★97
9. I Miss You 05:22 ★103
10. Always (Revisited) 06:41 ★93


"Purple Flowers"

"Purple Flowers" is an album featuring relaxing harp music. The track list can be seen below. 

Track Length YouTube
1. Purple Flowers 19:58 ★53
2. The Sea 25:16 ★49
3. Quiet Road 23:07 ★50
4. Green Trees 22:57 ★54
5. Going Home 22:09 ★51
6. Jumping Dolphins 20:04 ★56
7. The Butterfly 23:05 ★61
8. Waterfall 20:49 ★65
9. Sunset 19:23 ★63
10. Moonlight Ocean 18:38 ★67



"Flying" is an ambient album composed by Peder B. Helland. The track list can be seen below. 

Track Length YouTube
1. Frozen in Time 29:20 ★186
2. Flying 30:02 ★68
3. Within 32:05 ★175
4. Blue Night 32:49 ★104
5. The Hidden Valley 32:59 ★183
6. Dreaming 39:58 ★169
7. Sea of Time 28:01 ★182
8. Quiet Night 31:07 ★160
9. Ocean Waves 41:01 ★138
10. Planet Earth 31:19 ★184


"Beautiful Relaxing Music, Vol. 1"

"Beautiful Relaxing Music, Vol. 1" is a compilation album featuring relaxing piano, guitar and flute music. The track list can be seen below. 

Track Length YouTube
1. Sunny Mornings 10:16 ★151
2. Early in the Morning 10:35 ★156
3. Warm Light 12:42 ★157
4. Sunny Days 10:21 ★164
5. Calm Wind 09:03 ★168
6. Peaceful Day 08:55 ★162


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United States United States

Incredible relaxing music

I love Peder's music! I found him quite by accident the other day (or maybe it was providential). I suffer from tinnitus 24/7 and if I am not listening to some relaxing music to mask the noise in my head, I have insomnia and can only sleep for 2 or 3 hours a night. This is exhausting and obviously I cannot function on that. I have been downloading "relaxing" music from Amazon, some of which more resembles a John Phillip Sousa march-and will wake me from a sound sleep. But Peder's music is exactly what I need to soothe my brain and tune out the tinnitus. I cannot find words to express my gratitude for his creativity and his willingness to share it with the world. I will be a forever fan, and I will continue to purchase his awesome, tremendous music!!!!

ken f.
United States United States

soothing relaxation

haven't received it yet so can't comment at this time.

Teria A.
United States United States

Wonderful relaxing, calming music

This is the most relaxing, deeply calming music I have ever listened to. I play some of the albums over and over again !

Silvino O.
United States United States

Relaxation overload

Incredible set of music. It has perfectly met my needs (spa/relaxation).

South Korea South Korea

After purchased, Still I could not get download link in my email.

After purchased, Still I could not get download link in my email. Could you help me?

Soothing Relaxation

Hi there, Please see the reply in your inbox and also the reply I made to your previous review. Thank you! Best, Peder B. Helland